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While I may have had the fortune to inherit a business with $1.3 in annual sales, the most valuable thing Dad left was a well-worn piece of advice: "Connect with industry peers. It's a great way to learn and build trusting relationships." Over 30 years and nearly $38M in annual sales later, his advice worked.

After nearly thirty-six years of 'making dust' as the CEO of industry leading packaging solutions company, Thoro Packaging, Jan negotiated and sold her family-owned business in 2018 to a global industry leader, retiring from this position to focus on inspiring and empowering other women entrepreneurs to Make Dust of their own.

Jan has earned numerous awards, including being a recipient of the prestigious Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award, receiving the Printing Industry of America Southern California’s Executive of the Year Award, and being inducted into the Ben Franklin Honor Society.  Jan has been a risk taking, creative, innovative, determined, and hard working woman, combining grit with finesse to compete in a male dominated world when women were traditionally more respected in the home rather than the board room.


Jan speaks on Packaging Yourself as a Leader and Women, Wealth and Worthiness amongst other leadership topics.


As a mentor, Jan guides women to know their money so that they are educated to make decisions for their lives from a place of empowerment and not necessity.

Jan contributes her time as a Board Member of The Prentice School, a private school for dyslexic and learning challenged youth, the Corona Chamber of Commerce, and Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Women's Collective. She is also active with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

To book Jan as a speaker or learn how to mentor with Jan, contact

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